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Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association

New F.O.I.D. Law Mandating Reporting

One of the greatest benefits of membership in IMHCA / ICA is information.

The State of Illinois has not sent notification to private practioners. IMHCA works on behalf of all counselors to keep you informed. You can join online at or by phone at (800) 493-4424.

New F.O.I.D. Law Mandating Reporting

The reporting process is administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Although DHS does not administer the Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) in Illinois, DHS does play an important role in the activities that go into implementing the FOID program.

In 2007 Public Act 095-0564 (mandating public and private mental health facilities and private practitioners) & Public Act 095-0581 (adjudication as a mental defective) amended the FOID legislation. Most importantly "who must report" was expanded beyond inpatient hospital settings to include a number of other entities. These amendments also changed what information is reported and requires reporting within 7 days rather than every 30 days.

Reporting is accomplished via the web based system, called FOID Reporting System, developed and maintained by the Department of Human Services (DHS). DHS is responsible for comparing the data reported against the State Police FOID files to identify possible matches. The ISP is then responsible for investigating and processing the application for the FOID card.

DHS monitors compliance with reporting requirements and reports deficiencies to the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, Department of Financial and Professional Regulations, and other state authorities as needed


Who Needs a Report? Individually licensed mental health practitioners included in the law. See List.

Reporting Institutions included in the law. See List

What Needs To Be Reported? Description of behavior to report from the new law. See List.

How To Report? The reporting system is online. You will need to register at the state site, but not until you need to make a report.
Registration and Reporting

What Information Do I Report? FOID Reporting User Manual
Patient Record Layout

Questions?If you have questions email them at DHS.FOID@Illinois.Gov


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